Why Advertise?


Would Sales & Traffic Increase at your Retail Location with Increased Visibility?

Let the thousands of people passing your location, find out about your sales and promotions in a timely way! By advertising outside of your location with our custom printed products you'll reinforce current advertising, while targeting a population that other ads miss completely - the thousands of people who walk, shop, and drive within eyesight of your location. You need to change the landscape and show those people something they don't see over and over every day. Something that moves and captures attention. Our flags, giant inflatables and Air Dancers do just that!

But how much of an increase can I possibly see from just a $500 investment?

Typical increases range from 10%-30% in less than 30 days! 10-times the floor traffic at 1/10 the cost of Newspaper, TV or Direct Mail. Inflatable advertising balloons, flags and Air Dancers help you leverage your greatest asset - your location! 
​Consider increasing sales conservatively at 10% on a one-time advertising investment...can Newspaper, TV or Direct Mail perform like this? They cannot because revolving ad expenditures are usually ad dollars down the drain! The typical lifespan of a fabric product outdoors is about 6 months. The typical lifespan of a TV or newspaper ad can be measured by the hours.

We measure impressions in our business using a metric called CPM, or Cost Per Thousand (M is Latin for thousand). That’s a thousand views, or a thousand readers.  The graph below shows CPM averages, which have been compiled from three sources, that range widely, from outdoor billboards to the most expensive online click advertising.

The CPM of outdoor advertising is significantly less than any other traditional advertising method. Thousands of people will become aware of your event at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

  • An Inflatable, flag, tent or Air Dancer provides 24 hour ON SITE Advertising

  • Create BRAND AWARENESS while promoting IMPULSE BUYING

  • GREAT when providing Directions to customers

  • These products are environmentally friendly - it produces little to no waste - Balloon Boys use energy efficient inflation fans and lights in our giant rooftop balloons!

  • Outdoor advertising offers huge cost savings over traditional media like TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Billboards. 

  • Thousands of people will become AWARE of your event at a fraction of the cost
  • Use over and over at ALL your events

Target your Market completely and Immediately! 

​90% of traffic passing by your storefront will NEVER even see your business.

Outdoor Advertising is the most cost effective - and fastest - method of developing New Business. 

For a fraction of regular advertising you have an advertising billboard of your own with greatly increased store visibility in all directions.

Get noticed and INCREASE AWARENESS of your location and about your brand. These people are already within eyesight of your BIG SALE.   Add 20, 25, or even 35 feet to the roof of your event and you will INCREASE TRAFFIC to your store. When you INCREASE TRAFFIC you will  INCREASE SALES  

Become a Landmark in your community !

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