Stand Out in a Crowd

Considering Your Trade Show Display


Some of the most beautiful stand-up fabric displays you'll ever see lined exhibit areas at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. Stunning in their vibrant colours and extraordinary graphics the car manufacturers had spent a considerable amount of money getting the best possible elegant displays. It was the best of the best. 

There was just one problem that I could see. As great as they were… they didn't stand out against each other. We looked at them because they were there, and they were certainly worth looking at, but none of them screamed out that we should pay more attention to theirs than anyone else's. 

In some cases we have to consider that different is better…even if it's not better. By that, I mean if everybody is wearing a black tuxedo and you are wearing one with skeleton bones, obviously yours is not better, but also obviously yours is the one that stands out. 

Ultimately, isn't that we want in advertising? To draw more attention to ourselves, to stand out from the crowd?

It's something we need to consider when assessing our advertising needs and choices. It's not just what we choose, it's also where, when and why.