How to Choose a Trade Show Table Cover

There's no business like trade show business. 

And the most import part of that? Your presentation. 

We'll look at one area of that process, coverings for your tables. That's because they're more than just table coverings, they're a window into your professionalism. 

Besides that, you have to cover the tables with something. We'll try to help you determine what type of table covering you need. This is just a general guide. Of course, at Balloon Boys we custom fit all coverings, and we can print on one side, two sides, three sides, all 4 sides and the table top - anything at all you want. 


Just like it says. One colour. It doesn't attract any attention itself, but maybe it's not required. Perhaps the items on the table are an attraction enough, and perhaps a logo isn't appropriate due to the nature of the table's purpose, or even because of the table's multi-purpose. Sometimes simple is best.

Elegant Classy

Frequently seen at weddings and banquets, pleated skirting satin table coverings give the impression of elegance, of style, of class. They should be one colour, and have no printing because of course it would be distorted by the pleating. For whatever reason, royal blue is a popular colour for this type of covering, but any colour is fine. 


Your logo and company name might be enough. More than enough. After all, that's why we have logos as an identifier. This is our introduction, this is who we are. No distractions, plain and simple. Look at what else we have here. 

Message Board

By all means, say as much as you want. You've got the space, and if you think people are going to take the time to read it, they probably will. For example, at Balloon Boys we made a table covering for a dance studio. It has their name, their logo, the different types of dances they offer for lessons and even their slogan. It all works, too. For the type of places they're likely to use their table it's the type of thing that best suits their needs. 

Wild and Crazy

The only limit on what you can do is your imagination. If you can picture it, we can put it on your table covering. The front grill of a pick-up truck? A bullseye covering the entire front? A big eye? Anything. We recently printed a cover for a comic book festival that made the table cover look like a comic book! 

So as you can see, there are many different styles of table covers. Whatever kind you need for the trade show or event, Balloon Boys can make it for you. 

CCI 8' Custom Printed Blue Table Cover