How to Buy Lanyards

We've gone lanyard looney at Balloon Boys. We've got loads of lanyards, lots of lanyards, legions of lanyards. We're just lousy with lanyards. 

In other words, we've got quite a few lanyards. It's a good thing too, because lanyards are rising up the charts among the most popular promotional items.


We've got seven different kinds of lanyards, all detailed under products at Balloon Boys. If there's not a lanyard to your liking in this group then there's not a lanyard to your liking anywhere. 

The product descriptions tell you just about everything you need to know, but here's where we can help with just a couple of things on how to buy lanyards. We have a simple to follow 6 step ordering process to tell us exactly what you need in a lanyard.

We don't list a price, but quotes are free, of course, and there is no obligation. The price will depend on the quantity, printing style, type of attachment, and optional extras. 

We require a minimum order of 100, but you can buy 100 million lanyards if you need. Just kidding about the 100 million, nobody orders more than 90 million lanyards at a time nowadays. 


The other thing we want to point out is choosing to buy breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards. The breakaway lanyard has a safety clasp that will come apart if there is sufficient pressure applied. In other words, if it gets caught on something and you jerk your body away it will release and fall off. 


So, you see, it can either be an annoyance or a important safety feature, depending on its use. Adults in normal situations, such as in an office, have little need for a breakaway lanyard. But somebody working around moving machinery or in any industry where the lanyard could be easily pulled on should consider breakaway lanyards for safety reasons.

With our easy to follow 6 step buying process you'll be able to buy exactly the lanyards you need. Quotes are fast, easy and free.