Happy Birthday Canada 150

Happy Birthday, Canada. 

Not just any birthday, our 150th. 

Some of you are old enough to remember Canada's 100th birthday. And if you can, there's not much chance you'll be around for the 200th, so this is the next big one, our sesquicentennial. 

In 1967, we saw a swell of patriotism unequaled in our nation's history. We celebrated with songs, festivals, flags, Expo 67, exhibits and in just about every way we could. We celebrated in schools, in businesses, in our towns and cities, our communities, and in our everyday lives.  

Now we get to do it again. 

At Balloon Boys we're fully prepared. In order to fulfill the demand with quality promotional material we have been officially licensed by Heritage Canada to print Canada 150 merchandise. We've got hand-held 150th anniversary flags, lanyards, banner flags, silicone wristbands, regular flags, keychains, and any other product we normally produce with the official Canada 150 logo. For use by businesses, schools, municipalities and anybody else for promotional giveaways and displays. If you’re having an event to celebrate our great nation’s 150th birthday then we have the promotional products for you.

Take a look at the unique design of the Canada 150 flag. It isn't just a reminder that it's a major birthday, but was also designed to be distinctively Canadian, and to foster feelings of pride, unity and celebration. 

It's going to be a great year for our country. Make sure you get in on it.

Contact mitch@balloonboys.com today or call 1-844-774-6899 to get your Canada 150 gear.